Presidents Message


Jaxson  Brashier  LBMTC President


President’s Message

Fall 2017

While I haven’t written to you all in quite some time, we still seem to be rolling. Between working at Dark Harbor and Knott’s life has been crazy! While I’m writing this before the October tour, I hope those who participated in the Camino Real Excursion had a safe and fruitful event. Hopefully this reaches you by the 4th, we’d like to get as many cars out for the Turkey Hunt as possible! Great Prizes, Good Food, and Good Fun! We have the Veterans Day Parade on the 11th, any cars who’d like to participate please let me know asap! November is the last time to nominate board members and submit a Baglietto Award nomination, please don’t miss out on either opportunity to both serve and support your club and fellow members. I will be out of the country from the 12th to the 25th of November, if anyone has any questions please reach out to our Vice President Tom Leroux.