April 2022


SELL: Lots of T Parts, transmissions, rear ends, front end, wheels, ect. Text or call Paul DeMers for your needs. 310-218-7266

SELL: 1915 Speedster, copy of Bearcat Racer, Rojo cross flow motor $20,000, 1927 Pick Up $10,000
Call Tom at 714-412-3200

SELL: Model A Pick Up Beds from $600 to $950, Call Paul DeMers 310-218-7266

SELL: Model T speedster, a Sourson body, 1914 with flat fenders, 26 rebuilt motor, lot of brass, lights, spot light, gauges, new red paint. And lots of extra parts. Needs to be put together, a fun project, also, a band saw, air compressor, welder and press. Call Tom Leroux 714-412-3200

SELL: 1930 MODEL A MOTOR FOR SALE, all rebuilt rods, new 12 volt starter, pistons, rings, oil pump, valves, lifters. Hear it run on test stand. $3400.00. Call Tom Leroux 714-412-3200

SELL: Front bumper new $400.00, 26-27 seat tack strip new $75.00.
Doug Mullin 562-833-2968